Mohd Faizol Bin A.Aziz (KFI2001),

Improving The Non Conformity MRB System by Using PDCA Approach, (Main Supervisor, Graduated, 2021)



Nik Nurhanyantie Binti Nik Mohd Kamil (MFO18003)

Integration of Mahalanobis-taguchi System and Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing on Production Environment  (Co-Supervisor, Graduated, 2021)



Nurul Su'Aidah Binti Sohartoo (KFI16009)

Simulation-Based Model for Optimum Layout Analysis (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2018)


Filzah Lina Binti Mohd Safeiee (KFI16014)

Layout Optimization Using Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) with Modular Layout (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2018)


Aidil Shafiza Bin Safiee (KFI16004)

Simulation-Based Model for Energy Consumption Analysis in Automotive Paint Shop  (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2017) 






Khaled Faisal Ahmed Alzagir (FB17146),

Design and Fabrication of a Single Cavity Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine, (Main Supervisor, Ongoing).




Nur Syafiqah Binti norakmal (FB18066),

Development of e-Nose for Classification of Herbs Based on Artificial Intelligent Techniques, (Main Supervisor, Ongoing).




Nor Syahirah Binti Azelan (FB17049),

IoT-Based Condition Monitoring System for Aeroponic Cultivation, (Main Supervisor, Ongoing).




Abdulrahman Abdulah Nagi Al-Mekhlafi (FB17111),

Design and Fabrication of Single Compartment Paper Lunch Box Machine, (Main Supervisor, Graduated, 2021).




Nur Hanisah Binti Azman (FBFB17105),

Development of SCADA System for Industrial Manipulator PLC Trainer, (Main Supervisor, Graduated, 2021).




Thomas Zavier A/L Michael Zavier

 Design and Fabrication of Folding and Gluing Cardboard Machine (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2020)



Ahmad Shawal Abdul Hamid (FB15079)

Experimental Study of Outlet of an Automatic Water-Tap for Ablution (Wudhu) (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2020)


Denesh Kumar A/L  A  V Paramasivam (FB15099)

Design and Fabrication of a Customized Ais Kacang Vending Machine (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2019)



Ashman Shahir Bin Mokhtar (FB15061)

PID-based Data Acquisition System for Air Conditioning System (Main Supervisor, Graduated,2019)



Nor Shahrol Bin Nazrrol (FB15040)

Microcontroller-based System for Monitoring Water Distribution and Leakage Detection (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2019)


Foong Kah Keat (FB14051)

Visitor Management System (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2018)



Ng Siew Kian (FA14070)

Design and Fabrication of Meat Shredder Machine (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2018)


Muhammad Mukrim Bin Azman (FA14035)

Designing an Ergonomic Wudhu Place (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2018)


Nur Amirah Binti Mat (FB13015)

Automatic Water Tap for Ablution (Wudhu) (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2017)


Zuliana Binti Mohd Noor (FA13045)

Voice of Customer of Water Tap Design for Ablution (Wudhu)  (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2017)


Chong Shin Yee (FA13033)

Development of Decision Support Tool for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2017)


Nor Nadhira Binti Ahmat Azemi (FA12019)

Inventory Planning and Control (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2016)


Atikah Binti Selamat (FA12015)

Simulation-Based Scheduling System at R2 Print Enterprise Kuantan (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2016)


Seow Wenjia (FA12057)

A Survey and Improvement of Quality at Dataran Setar SDN BHD (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2016)


Wan Nurul Athia Binti Wan Mohd Zamani (FA12040)

A Study and Implementation of Kaizen Strategy for Line Production (CAP CAM SHAFT) in SAPURA Machining Coorporation (Main Supervisor, Graduated 2016)